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What Shipping Method Should I Choose?

Ground Shipping will arrive:

-next business day to all locations that are 150 miles outside of New York City

-2 business days to areas beyond that which includes Western PA, Maine, Washington DC, Northern VA, Northern VT , Atlanta area, Chicago

-3 business days to all locations in Florida

-4 business days to Texas

-5 business days to CA, WA, OR

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Economy Shipping will arrive one day longer than Ground Shipping. Just add a day to Ground shipping days in transit, but while this is less expensive than Ground it is NOT a guaranteed service (although we have had good experience with it)

Overnight Shipping will arrive next day by noon

2Day Shipping will arrive 2 days after the day we ship, by end of day

3Day Shipping will arrive 3 days after the day we ship, by end of day


If you order before 4PM EST Monday-Friday, we will ship same day unless you have selected a Future Delivery Date that requires us to hold the order to ship for delivery.

Business Days are M-F


QUESTIONS? Please live chat, email or call 866-242-5524