New York Toasting Bagels

Baked with pride in the Bronx.

Send a dozen of the best to friends near and far.  Includes six plain and six sesame.  Toasting recommended. Bagels should be stored in freezer upon arrival.  Kosher. PareveGluten-free bagels also available

To protect and ensure the integrity of this product, it cannot be in transit for more one day.  Cannot be in transit over the weekend, unless you specifically choose Saturday delivery. 

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Bagels are stable in transit for up to 2 days. Ground shipping is acceptable for locations that deliver in 1-2 days. All other locations require 2 day or Overnight.
OU, pareve For optimal taste, we recommend toasting the bagels. Bagels should be stored in the freezer upon delivery. Bagels freeze beautifully for up to 6 months. Remove from freezer 6-8 hours prior to enjoying. Refrigerator not recommended. INGREDIENTS;Flour (Wheat flour, malted Barley flour) , water, sugar, contains less then %2 of each of the following; salt, wheat flour, molasses, yeast, vinegar,cultured wheat starch, enzymes,malted barley flour, ascorbic acid added as a dough conditioner, corn protein, soybean oil. CONTAINS;WHEAT SESAME BAGELS CONTAINS; SESAME SEEDS

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