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Kosher Certification

Most food items at Challah Connection are certified kosher by the bakery or facility which we use. We strive to select food items that are certified by a national kashrut agency such as OU, STAR K or OK, however we do stock some seasonal or other items that may carry a local/less known certification. If you require only the highest and widely known certification, please let us know and we will ensure that your order includes only such items.

Our baked goods certifications are as follows:

Challah: OK, Pareve
Babka: OK, Pareve
Rugelach: CRC, Pareve
Rugelach Tin: OU, Dairy 

Black & White Cookies:  OU, Pareve

Linzer Tarts:  OU, Pareve

Rainbow Cookies:  OU, Pareve

Russian Coffee Cake:  CRC, Pareve

Almondina:  OU, Pareve

Hamentashen: CRC, Pareve
Apple Cake &; Cinnamon Walnut Cake: OK, Dairy
Sugar Free Rugelach: CRC, Dairy, Cholov Isroel
Bagels: OU, Pareve

Shaped Challah (heart, circle, menorah, turkey):  Rabbi Zushe Blech, Pas Isroel, Pareve and baked in a nut free facility

Old Country Rolls:  CRC, Pareve

Mandelbread:  OU, Pareve

Gluten Free Baked Goods:  Pas Yisroel, TCK (Twin Cities Kashrus Council) 

Bowties & Fancy Cookies:  CRC, Pareve

7 Layer Cake:  CRC, Pareve

Cheesecakes/Celebration Cake:  OU, Dairy


Other Product Certifications:

Marich Chocolates:  KofK, Dairy

Crackers:  KofK, Dairy

Fruit Spreads:  OU

Coffee:  OK

Tea:  KSA
Peanuts & Almonds: OU
Smoked Salmon: OK, Dairy
Salmon Pate: OK, Dairy
Kosher Meal, including brisket, chicken, chicken soup: Glatt Kosher


Please note that the above product list is not a complete list of every product we include in our gift baskets but is intended to provide an idea of our certifications. Please call our customer service department with any questions: 866-242-5524.

Kosher for Passover:

All items in our Passover Gift Baskets and Passover Desserts departments are certified Kosher for Passover by leading kosher certifiers and are appropriate for those who observe the highest level of kashrut.