Passover, which starts at sundown on April 19 and ends at sundown on April 27 celebrates the exodus of the Jews out of slavery in Egypt. Passover is the most widely celebrated of all the Jewish holidays. The holiday begins with the Passover Seder which is a lively get together of family and friends to retell the Passover story and enjoy holiday foods. During Passover, foods that include leavening are omitted from the daily diet. Instead, Kosher for Passover foods are consumed including matzo and many other foods prepared without leavening. Challah Connection offers a large selection of kosher for Passover gift baskets, foods and desserts that are both traditional and delicious. Please order early since Passover quantities are limited. ALL OF OUR PASSOVER FOOD ITEMS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A FEW ARE CERTIFIED KOSHER FOR PASSOVER.

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