Kosher Gift Program for College Students, Hillels and Colleges

Calling All Hillel and Residential Life Administrators—Raise Funds For Your Organization With Our College Kosher Gift Program

Challah Connection, in business since 2000, is a web based kosher gift company, based in Norwalk, CT. We specialize in kosher gift baskets for Jewish holidays and all Jewish occasions and ship nationwide. At holiday time and for birthday and exam-time, our gifts are very popular with parents sending gifts to their college students and now, we are extending our service as a fund raiser for your organization. We are very familiar with parents (like ourselves) who say for example, “I want my child to remember that it’s Passover” or “my child misses the smell of challah.” We can help your students and their parents—and you—with our new college program. How?

  • Your organization makes 20% on each order (exclusive of shipping)
  • The student receives a delicious, kosher gift, reminding him/her of Jewish tradition
  • Parents are thrilled with the ease of ordering, breadth of selection and the pleasure knowing that their child is taking part in Jewish tradition while supporting Hillel


Step 1:

Become an affiliate. There is no cost to do this and when parents click on the link you will give them for our store, the sale will be tracked to your account and you will earn 20% of each sale. At the end of each month (assuming there are transactions), a check will be sent to you. To become an affiliate, click here. (if you have questions or problems, please email us immediately.)

Step 2:

Communicate with parents. If you would like, we will mail a letter to each family with a complete description of our services along with some featured products. We will encourage them to buy great Jewish holiday gifts for their kids and remind them that they are fund raising for you. All you will need to do is 1)give us mailing list 2) supply us with postage funds. We will do—and pay for-- the rest. In addition, we can supply you with emails to send to parents that will promote the program and encourage purchase.

A Sample of Our Jewish Holiday Gifts for College Students

Clockwise: Purim Pure Essentials, Passover Seder Essentials, Rosh Hashana Pure Essentials,
Hanukkah Pure Essentials, Rosh Hashana Essentials Hanukkah Pure Essentials, Challah Connection

purpelg.jpg sederesssm.jpg


rhesssm.jpg hanpelg.jpg



  • In business since 2002
  • All items certified kosher. Most of our foods are OU, Star K, OK, CRC. Some are Pas Isroel or Cholov Isroel
  • Nationwide shipping with Fedex
  • Extensive holiday gift assortment for Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashana and Hanukkah
  • Open 52 weeks per year and ready to ship everyday, M-F
  • Our kosher baked goods include challah, babka, rugelach, bagels, black and white cookies, rainbow cookies and more

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