European Roll Trio

Serve up the sweetness of a cherished recipe from Eastern Europe.

These hand-rolled delights are generously swirled with cinnamon, chocolate or poppy seed fillings.  One of each flavor.
Each roll is 1 pound and each serves 4-6.   Parve. For optimal taste, we suggest heating these items in a 350 oven for around five to eight minutes.

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CRC, Pas Yisroel, Parve Shelf life of up to two weeks and freeze beautifully for up to six months. INGREDIENTS: Poppy Roll: Flour, Poppy Seed,Sugar ,Eggs, Yeast, Water, Honey, Algin, Salt, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Benzoate, Vegetable Oil(soy) CONTAINS:WHEAT , EGGS, SOYBEAN OIL Cinnamon Roll: Cinnamon, Eggs, Yeast, Salt, Flour, Pure Vegetable Shortening(soy)Sugar, Kennel paste(Apricot Sugar)Natural Flavor, Baking Soda.FD&C Yellow#5&6, Baking Powder CONTAINS:EGGS, WHEAT, SOYBEAN OIL Chocolate Roll: :Cocoa, Yeast, Eggs, Water, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Natural Flavor, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Pure Vegetable Shortening(soy) CONTAINS:EGGS, WHEAT, SOYBEAN OIL

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