Customer Reviews

We admit it. We love hearing how happy our customers are with our range of Kosher products and our customer service. See for yourself what our customers are saying about the Challah Connection:

Title: "Best Apple Cake Ever"

Review: We received the apple cake by Fed Ex on Friday from dear friends. It was the most amazing moist delicious cake.... we had a fight over who got the last piece! Delicious!

Apple Cake

Title: Ecstatic!

Review: The recipients of your apple cakes were all ecstatic. I received glowing thanks for the cake itself and for the way it was packaged. I'm only sorry I didn't buy one for myself! I appreciated the helpful assistance with placing the orders, too.

Apple Cake

Title: I got rave reviews!

Review: Everybody who came by couldn't stop commenting on the Greek Diner mugs. So cute! The babka was out of this world and they couldn't say enough about it. Thank you so much. You allowed me to give a very memorable gift. It arrived on time and everything was fresh. I'm very happy and will definitely use the Challah Connection again.

Babka Lovers Giftbasket

Title: Loved the basket!

Review: LOVED the (Babka Lovers) gift basket and so did the recipient! THANK YOU!

Babka Lovers Giftbasket

Title: Excellent!

Review: Just like I remember when I lived in NYC! Excellent flavor. Fresh!

Babka Set

Title: Delicious and Fruity

Review: A really nice wine that everyone will love.

Bartenura Moscato di Asti Wine

Title: Decadence on a Plate!

Review: As a confirmed, professional chocoholic, believe me when I say that this may be the best dessert I have ever eaten. Rich & creamy with just the right mix of fudgy flourless chocolate cake and creamy marble cheesecake. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And… it's GLUTEN-FREE!

Title: Gluten Free Favorite

Review: My daughter sent me this cake, which was delicious and GLUTEN-FREE! Finally, a decadent dessert that I can enjoy and serve my guests without feeling deprived!

Title: Chrismukkah Book… Gotta have it!

Review: Fun and funny. With a little of both in the house, it works!

Chrismukkah Book

Title: Goody Bags were Beautiful!

Review: Challah Connection did a wonderful goody bag for our son's Bar Mitzvah dinner party: Chocolates and cookies for each guest. It was wonderful and looked beautiful on the place setting.

Goody Bags

Title: Perfect for kids.

Review: I love the Kids Plush Hanukkuh Set for my tiny nephews. They can play around the table and keep happily occupied. Much nicer than all the plastic stuff you see around these days.

Hannukah Set

Title: My daughter loves this.

Review: My daughter received the Emily Rosenfeld "Peace" Bracelet as a Bat Mitzvah gift from one of her friends. She just loves it! Its so adorable and in line for what I think a 13 year old should have (i.e. it's not over the top).

Emily Rosenfeld "Peace" Bracelet

Title: Do you love chocolate?

Review: If you love chocolate -- and I do. And you know what separates "good" chocolate from "great" chocolate, then you will want this! I particularly like the dark chocolate. Unfortunately, its kind of addictive! The packaging also makes it an extra special gift.

Tumbador Bon Bons Gift Box

Title: Unforgettable. "Luba. The Angel of Bergen Belsen."

Review: One hears often about the crimes of mankind. Rarely do we hear about such hero-ism. Amid such squalor comes a tender, caring heart and voice that could only be found in a woman. The Holocaust crimes can never be justified or forgiven. If there is an after-life, I want to spend it with such people as LUBA Tryszynska-Frederick.

Luba, The Angel of Bergen-Belsen

Title: Awesome!

Review: These Mashuga nuts are awesome. I ordered multiple cans -- some for myself (I'm addicted) -- and some for gifts. The people I gave them to as gifts LOVED them and couldn't stop raving how great they were! They have been telling everyone how wonderful and yummy they are!

Mashuga Nuts

Title: Oy! They're Fab!!

Review: The BEST EVER Gift - and they're great for even Non-Jews!!!!!

Matzeltoff Gift Set

Title: Not like any Matzo I've ever had….

Review: I've had chocolate-covered matzoh before, but never quite like this. It's crunchy, sweet, salty and chocolaty. It's what a Skor bar wants to be when it grows up. And it is a grown-up treat, complete with just a hint of sea salt sprinkled on top. Excellent stuff!

Matzeltoff Gift Set

Title: Oy to the world.

Review: Oy to the world is Mazel Tov for all who are inter-faith couples or all Jews who worship the lord Yeshua Jesus. Merry Mozel Tov!

Oy to the World. A Klezmer Christmas

Title: Wonderful… if only for one thing…

Review: Would like if you can customize. Thank you. (The Challah Connection CAN customize, just call 1-866-242-5524 and we can help you.)

Purim Care Package

Title: A Pleasant Surprise – the Pure Essentials Gift Basket

Review: This food is very fresh, of good quality, and packaged nicely. The Challah was moist and sweet, and the babka....oy! (The dried fruit is not my "cup- of-tea, hence the 4 rating but the baked goods are a 5!)

Purim Care Package

Title: Pure Essentials

Review: This put a smile on the faces of everyone who was lucky enough to try it! The dried fruit got the most raves.

Pure Essentials Gift Basket

Title: Great Idea. Love It!

Review: In my house, we love giving towers as Shalach Manot. Thank you Challah Connection for coming up with the fabulous Purim Tower. We are sending it to all our relatives.

Purim Gift Tower

Title: Well done, and greatly appreciated

Review: I want to thank you for bringing a small bit of comfort at a terrible time. Unfortunately, this was a gift (Sympathy Comfort Gift Basket) for the worst of reasons, but you did it so well, and it was a comfort to a wonderful family during Shiva. Your staff called within a couple of hours to verify an address in the Catskills, where street mail delivery is rare. They were kind, concerned and helpful, and got this delivered in 24 hours as promised. The quality was top notch - I received compliments on your behalf, and I plan to use you from now on -- for more joyous reasons as well.

Sympathy Comfort Gift Basket

Title: Shiva Basket – the best one ever!

Review: The Rugalach was fab! And I was a baker with my own plant 15 years ago! Everything was delicious and very different from all the wonderful foods we received at Shiva for my father-in-law a few weeks ago. I just had to write a review. I will use your company.

Sympathy Comfort Gift Basket

Title: A Miracle!

Review: A great miracle for Jewish partygoers everywhere happened... thus No Limit Texas Dreidel was born!

No Limit Texas Dreidel Game

Title: A reasonable facsimile of poker

Review: No Limit Texas Dreidel creates a reasonable facsimile of poker -- but without the insane $1,000 bets and the cigar smoke at the table

No Limit Texas Dreidel Game

Title: Soooooo good!

Review: Talked with Sherry and she helped me with the perfect gift for my moms 81st birthday – the Wise Nosher. We added rugalach to this order and my mom said that the baked goods is probably the best she has ever had. The babka freezes well, and, to be honest, the rugalahc never made it past the 2nd day. You guys are top notch, or, shall I say, top nosh! Thank you for sending this on time and so fresh... p.s. She laughs every time she uses the Yiddish mug!

The Wise Nosher Gift Basket

Title: Mothers – Women of Valor

Review: The perfect little gift

Woman of Valor Take 5

Title: Yiddish with Dick & Jane is a classic!

Review: Hopefully this will be back in stock soon. It's really funny for your Jewish & non-Jewish friends alike.

Yiddish with Dick and Jane

Title: Thank you!

Review: Thank you for your superb baskets and delivery system. My friend Mona was very impressed with the sympathy basket you put together for her and I was impressed with the ease of the ordering process as well as the information upon the delivery.

Thoughtful Condolence Basket

We are looking forward to serving you for a very long time.

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