Circle of Life Challah

Life-affirming lusciousness, symbolizing continuity. 

For so many occasions, our ring-shaped plain challah brings meaning and comfort.  Handmade exclusively for us.  Serves 8-10. Made in a nut free facility.  Kosher. Pareve.

For optimal taste and enjoyment, this product should be re-heated prior to serving according to the instruction label on the product.

To protect and ensure the integrity of this product, it cannot be in transit for more than two days.  Cannot be in transit over the weekend, unless you specifically choose Saturday delivery.

Freeze upon arrival unless you are enjoying it upon delivery and click on "care" tab below the product image to see additional care instructions.  Item cannot be in transit for more that two days to ensure freshness.   Please note that based on the unique shape of this product, it is not baked to be as fluffy and dense as a regular braided challah.

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Handmade challah is stable in transit for up to 2 days.Overnight & 2 Day are available at checkout for quicker delivery.Click “add to cart" to estimate shipping.
Kosher certified, Rabbi Zushe Blech, pareve, Pas Isroel, baked in a nut free facility. Ingredients: Flour, Water, Sugar, Oil, Egg, Yeast, Salt. Product is Dairy Free and baked in a Nut Free facility. HOW TO CARE FOR YOUR CIRCLE OF LIFE CHALLAH 1. When your challah arrives, put straight into the freezer. Do not remove plastic wrap and no additional wrap is necessary. 2. For optimum taste - remove from freezer on the morning you plan to eat it and leave on counter (be sure no challah-loving pets will eat it :-)) 3. Half hour before eating, remove plastic wrap and heat on baking dish for 15 minutes at 300 degrees